Location: Back Street, East Stour, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5JY (no postbox)
Post to: Mrs S Squire, 12 Witch Close, East Stour, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5LB
Registered Charity no. 301127

Regulations for Hirers

Application for Hiring

  1. An Application Form/Hiring Agreement shall be completed by the Hirer and submitted to the Hiring Secretary (preferably at least one month in advance) who will confirm the booking in writing, or refer it to the Hall’s
    Management Committee for decision
  2. the Hirer must give details of the planned activities, including any outdoor activities, and approval is signified in the completed Hiring Agreement – no other activities are permitted
  3. the Hiring Agreement will confirm the details of the hiring, the charge and the deposit. The deposit will be returned following inspection of the premises after the hiring (subject to any Additional Charges that become
    necessary – see below)
  4. the maximum number of people entitled to occupy the building at any one time is 150 for dances and parties 100 seated at tables, or 120 seated in rows, in the main hall 45 seated at tables or in rows in the meeting room
  5. the hall is licensed for live and recorded music, dancing, performance of plays and films, and similar entertainment – all to be indoors

Use of Premises

The Hirer shall

  1. only use the premises for the purpose described in the Application Form/Hiring Agreement, and shall not sub hire or allow any unlawful activities of any kind
  2. observe that smoking is strictly prohibited by law within the building; smokers should use the area outside the front door and put cigarette ends in the smokers bin provided and clear up any litter
  3. not allow any animals (other than guide dogs) to enter the hall
  4. ensure that cars are parked only in the marked bays and are parked at the owners’ risk
  5. ensure that the event and music finish by midnight, though clearing up can be done after this

Supervision of Premises

The Hirer is responsible for

  1. the supervision of all persons attending the hiring
  2. looking after the fabric and contents of the premises; in particular, no alterations may be made to the premises and no decorations or other items may be fixed (whether by pins, nails, screws, sellotape or other means) without written acknowledgement in the Hiring Agreement
  3. ensuring that nothing is brought in or done that may cause danger or invalidate the Hall’s insurance policy
  4. making good or pay for all damage, including accidental damage or loss to the premises and contents
  5. being aware of the various fire fighting equipment located around the premises
  6. being aware that the first aid kit is in the kitchen
  7. ensuring that any accident or dangerous occurrence is properly recorded in the Accident Book (located in the kitchen) and reported as soon as possible to the Hiring Secretary or a member of the Hall’s Management Committee (listed on notice board)
  8. noting that any equipment stored by the hirer is at the Hirer’s risk Public

Safety Compliance

The Hirer will comply with all conditions and regulations required by the Fire Authority, Local Authority and Licensing Authority – particularly in connection with any event that constitutes regulated entertainment at which alcohol is sold or provided or which is attended by children – including

  1. ensuring all access and exit doors are free from any possible obstruction
  2. that flammable and explosive substances are not brought onto the premises and no internal decorations or heating appliances are used without the prior written acknowledgement in the Hiring Agreement
  3. no fireworks may be let off on the Hall premises
  4. if preparing or serving food that all relevant food health and hygiene regulations are observed
  5. if bringing any electrical or other appliances onto the premises that they are in a good working order and used
    in a safe manner
  6. observing the requirements of the Children’s Act 1989 and ensuring that a ratio of at least one Adult Supervisor per ten children and young people up to and including 18 years of age is maintained

Avoidance of Nuisance

The Hirer will endeavour to

  1. ensure noise levels are restricted to avoid disturbing neighbours, and people leaving the event do so quietly
  2. take all reasonable steps to avoid drunk and disorderly behaviour, illegal drugs being brought onto the premises, and violent or criminal behaviour. Alcohol must not be served to anyone suspected of being drunk or suspected of being under 18 years of age. Anyone suspected of being drunk, under the influence of drugs or behaving in a violent or disorderly way must be asked to leave the premises


The Hirer indemnifies the Management Committee against any third party claim possibly arising from the hiring activity or from non observance of legal requirements. The Management Committee is insured against any claim
arising out of its’ own negligence but the Hirer is responsible for insuring their activities against any third party claim or legal fine.


The Management Committee reserves the right to cancel a hiring by written notice to the Hirer in the event of the hall being required for official public elections, or if it becomes unfit for use beyond its’ control.

At End of Hiring

The Hirer is responsible for

  1. leaving the premises and surrounding area in a clean and tidy condition ready for the next hirer
  2. removing any items brought onto the premises
  3. returning chairs and tables etc to their proper storage positions
  4. properly locking and securing all doors (including checking fire doors) and windows
  5. ensuring taps in kitchen and toilets are turned off
  6. switching off all heaters and lights; the outside light above the front door is on a timer after dark so will remain lit for a few minutes after being switched off
  7. taking kitchen and other waste (but not hand towel waste from toilets) for proper legal disposal elsewhere
  8. reporting any incident that will require the attention of the Management Committee, such as breakages, items not in working order etc
  9. returning the hall keys immediately after the hiring, as arranged

The hirer’s deposit will be returned in full, after inspection of the premises, unless additional charges arise.

Additional Charges

The Management Committee reserves the right to charge the Hirer for any additional costs or inconvenience incurred as a direct result of the Hiring, to be taken from the hiring deposit with an invoice also being raised if additional payment is required. Such charges may include

  1. specific cleaning costs
  2. a fee of £10 if a Committee Member has to attend to switch off lights, secure the building, return large tables to their storage positions, dispose of waste, or recover keys not returned immediately after event
  3. repairs to the building, contents and decoration

Village Hall Contacts

Hiring Secretary:
Sheila Squire,12 Witch Close, East Stour, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5LB
Tel: 01747 838488
Email: 19she68@gmail.com

Rod Dowding
Tel 01747 838351
Email: mar23rod18@gmail.com

Sarah Miller
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Email: hallettsfarm@gmail.com

Pauline Robinson
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Henry Miller
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