If you live in East Stour and are over 18, you are automatically a member of The East Stour Society (TESS), which exists to provide facilities and fun for all who live here.  TESS events are funded primarily from “100 Club” donations.  It’s easy to join the 100 Club and, as a member, you are automatically entered into a monthly draw to win prizes of £15, £10 and £5.

The 100 Club draw takes place at the Village Hall on the third Wednesday of the month during the First Class Coffee session (10:00am – 12noon).

The annual subscription is £5 per member per year. This enables you to enter all 12 monthly draws.

For more information on joining the 100 Club, please contact Mrs Terry Bagnall on 01747 838335.

TESS Committee

Chairman – Ray Bennett
Vice Chairman – Daphne Emptage
Treasurer – Sarah Miller
Secretary – Lillian Bennett
Members – Gill Green, Ray and Lillian Bennett, Gill Little, Terry Bagnall, Alison Haddon, Gina Williams