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Village Action Plan

The purpose of the Village Plan
The Village Plan process was initiated for the purpose of eliciting ideas and opinions about life in East Stour from as many villagers as possible.  

 In November 2011 delivery of a Questionnaire was attempted to all 278 occupied properties in the village of East Stour. The purpose of the Questionnaires was to produce a Village Plan Document which reflected the opinions and ideas of the residents of East Stour.

The Village Plan document  (found via the link below)  summarises the ideas and opinions submitted by residents on the Village Plan Questionnaires.
It is hoped that some of the ideas put forward will result in action by groups of like-minded residents willing to form committees and self-help groups and that more residents will become involved in village events.

Village Action Plan

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Reports to the Stours Parish Council on the Village Action Plan progress. Click on links below to view

Mar 2013
Sept 2013
Jan 2014
Mar 2014
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Nov 2014

Feb 2015

East Stour
Village Plan

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East Stour Parish  Council

The Stours is a grouped Parish Council, situated in  North Dorset and includes the four parishes of East Stour, Stour  Provost, Todber and West Stour.The river Stour is a major  influence on the four parishes that make up the parish council and from  which the council gets its name.

Parish Council agenda and minutes can be found at; http://www.thestoursparishcouncil.org.uk/TheStours-PC/Meetings_and_Policy_Documents_4562.aspx

Parish Planning matters;

All members of the public and the press are welcome to attend meetings

The Stours Parish Council web site :


East Stour Parish Meeting

Twice a year East Stour Parish have a meeting, open to all to attend to bring forward concerns , ideas etc.  The latest meeting was held in May 2015 (Notes from meeting below).  The next meeting will be held in November - the date of the meeting will be confirmed here nearer to the time

Parish Meeting 21st May - Notes from meeting